Five Affordable Places To Buy Property In France

Five Affordable Places To Buy Property In France

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Living in Paris is no doubt a dream for many people, but the hard reality is that it’s a very expensive city unless you are quite well off. Not all cities and places in France are expensive however, like Paris. Indeed there are many locations where it is far cheaper to live and buy property.  Here is our list of cheaper places to live and buy a property in France.


Nantes is the capital city in the west of France and comes in at number 5 on our list. It is a pleasant city that provides a good range of things to enjoy, populated with interesting landmarks like the castle and the cathedral.

Nantes is also famous for its vineyards and its white wine.  Being an urban area and the 8th largest city in France the property here can be a little higher in price in some parts. But if you want to stay close to the city and want a good apartment or property without spending millions, then it might be the right choice for you.

You can get a 3-bedroom house outside of the centre of the city at an average price of 45,000 EUR. If you want to buy property in the centre, there are some 1 to the 2-bedroom houses for about 55,000 EUR that you may be able to pick up.


Garonne which comes in at number 4, is an affluent area famous for its silk and woolen industry. It is one of the smallest and youngest settlements in France and was formed in 1808. It is considered to have a pleasant climate and delightful nature.

This area boasts an impressive variety of landscape and countryside. Many people buy land here with the average plot going for between 18,000 to 40,000 EUR. If you looking for a development project, you may be able to pick up a house in  need of a  little renovation for around 30,000 to 40,000 EUR.


Third on our list is Saint-Etienne, which is located in east-central France. This city became important for coal mining  and the textile business in the 19th century. Although coal mining ended in 1970, this city is still industrial and has many mechanical and electrical engineering firms.

Five Affordable Places To Buy Property In France

Property is quite cheap in the areas of Saint-Étienne, with an average price of 1,580 EUR per square metre, which is much lower than the national average. As its mostly apartments that are available here, you can get a nice one for upwards of 38,000 EUR.


Ceruse is the region that many people have not heard of, which may be a reason why it comes in as the second cheapest place to buy property. It is located an equal distance from Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. It is a rural area and therefore it is considered a peaceful area, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It is heaven for outdoorsy types with lots of fishing and hiking taking place within the nature surrounding Ceruse.  Being a rural area, property here can be quite affordable. The price of property per square metre is about 650 EUR. Old houses that require some renovation are available at an average price of 21,000 EUR whereas a 5-bedroom townhouse in a rural setting can be bought at around 35,000 EUR.


Coming in as the cheapest area to buy property in France is Nouvelle-Aquitaine which is the largest region in France. It has a great outdoors, vibrant nature and amazing beaches. This region is famous for having fun-loving people and their hospitality and spirit of sharing. This district is perfect for holidays and also a great and comfortable place to buy a property.

Property can be cheap as 20,000 EUR here. Some 3 bedroom stone houses that require a little bit of work are available for 29,000 EUR.