Your Essential Guide to CPUT Student Email

Your Essential Guide to CPUT Student Email


As a CPUT student, having a firm grasp on your student email is crucial. It’s your official communication channel with the university, professors, and classmates. This email address grants you access to valuable resources and keeps you informed about important announcements

What to Expect with Your CPUT Student Email

  • Unique Email Address: Upon registration, CPUT assigns you a unique email address following a specific format.
  • Office 365 Access: Your student email comes with a free suite of Microsoft Office 365 applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive cloud storage.
  • Official Communication: All official university communication, including registration updates, academic notifications, and critical announcements, will be sent to your CPUT student email.

Accessing Your CPUT Student Email

  • MyCPUT Login: Head to the MyCPUT portal ( and log in using your student credentials.
  • Email Interface: Within MyCPUT, you’ll find the MyCPUT mailbox section, which grants access to your student email interface.

For Further Assistance

  • CPUT IT Services: CPUT provides IT services to assist students with any email-related concerns. You can find contact information and support resources on the CPUT website.
  • Student Help Desk: The student help desk is another avenue for receiving assistance with your CPUT student email.


  • Regularly check your CPUT student email for important updates.
  • Maintain a professional email etiquette when using your CPUT email address.
  • Be cautious about suspicious emails and avoid clicking on unknown links or attachments.

By understanding and effectively utilizing your CPUT student email, you’ll ensure you stay connected and informed throughout your academic journey at the university.