Things to Do in Gran Canaria Island

Things to Do in Gran Canaria Island


There is a lot to see in Gran Canaria that, truly, you will find which you do no longer have enough time to visit all the locations you want. To clearly see and respect Gran Canaria, here’s a quick evaluation of the have to-do activities:

Scuba diving:

Gran Canaria is home to first-rate biodiversity each on land and at sea. If you do now not realize what to do in Gran Canaria, there may be nothing higher than scuba diving to recognize the countless marine creatures that inhabit the place. In the marine reserve of El Cabrón, you may see manta rays, sea turtles, fish of all shades and an abundance of crustaceans. If you are not afraid, you could dive in the ruin of Puerto Morgan or inside the underwater cave of La Catedral, positioned no longer a ways from Las Palmas. Being capable of attain a temperature of 23 ° C in summer time, the turquoise waters of the island cannot be greater welcoming.


The Pozo Izquierdo coastline is home to a number of the island’s most surprising surf spots. Sit on the sand and watch the surfers slip at the water. If you want to surf inside the Canaries, do no longer hesitate to take some instructions in one of the surf schools: friendly teachers will teach you the basics of this exciting sliding game. With a bit exercise, you will control to stand to your board right away. Be cautious, however: browsing is extraordinarily addictive: as soon as you have got efficaciously surfed your first wave, you may need handiest one element: preserve!

The Museum and Archaeological Park of Cueva Pintada:

The Archaeological Museum and Park of Cueva Pintada become built around a domain of archaeological excavations courting from the pre-Hispanic generation. From the multiplied walkway, you’ll be able to ponder this brilliant site of the Canary Islands and pass up the route of time till the Paleolithic. Do no longer pass over to respect the rock art: they’ll assist you to recognize greater about the symbolism and the iconography utilized by the neighborhood indigenous

nicely before the start of the European colonization. You can go to the museum best as part of a guided excursion. To avoid locating a closed door, keep in mind to ebook your visit earlier.

The carnival of Gran Canaria:

As Gran Canaria is nown for its rum, you may make certain, the inhabitants love to party and take part in a pageant or . The biggest carnival takes location every 12 months in February: you could attend a colorful parade of streets a good way to possibly evoke the Rio Carnival or Sydney Mardi Gras. Many activities are prepared throughout the Carnival week, which includes the Queen’s Election Gala or the Drag Queens Gala. Do not pass over the ultimate birthday celebration, throughout which you may be capable of recognize the rite of “El entiro de l. A. Sardina” (the burial of the sardine); a procession in which “widows” wearing black put on a kind of large sardine to the sea, load it on a ship and burn it at sea.