Why Oanda Broker Is Among The Best Forex Trader?

Why Oanda Broker Is Among The Best Forex Trader?


Forex Trader is basically a currency trader or a foreign exchange trader mainly the person who aims at trading currencies on foreign enchange. The main demand of forex trading is that the individual is supposed to keep a close eye on the constantly changing enchange rates in order to be succenful. Oanda Broker is a trading company and the name oanda stands for “Olsen AND Associates” The company came into existence in 1996 and is registered in United States which aims at providing the clients with a wide range of financial services in majority countries of the world.

What are the properties of Oanda Broker?

There are several properties of Oanda Broker firstly, the main regulator of the trading Union is Uk FinanualbConduct Authority. Oanda Broker has also bagged several awards which includes standing out in the Category of “Best Forex Trading Technologies” in the UK Forex Awards. The company bagged award for “Best Trading Platform” in the FX week along with winning the award for “Best Customer Service” among the  UK Foreign Exchange Report.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Oanda Broker?

The advantages of trading with Oanda are: 

  • The company offers minimun deposit from 1 Dollar.
  • There is a large selection of most popular trading instruments.
  • The company has numerous reliable and reputable financial regulators.

The disadvantages of trading with Oanda are: 

  • The major drawback is the inconvenient and poorly functioning site.
  • It has low leverage.
  • There is a lack of cent accounts.
  • They offer less bonus programs.

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How Much Time Does It Require To Learn Forex Trading?

The best thing about Forex trading is that one can get a lot of information through the Internet for free. Forex brokers also provide training courses that enables the beginners to learn Forex trading.  One can also create a demo account which means that the individual does not need to lose money during the learning process. It is very important to note those methodologies and trading systems which are simple. In the begining one of the problems the traders have to overcome is “analysis paralysis” that means they watch so many indicators as well as variables in order to make the correct trading decisions in a quick manner. One of the important point to be dept in mind is Simplification as it is a way for individual to earn in long run as it aims at removing the confusion along with ensuring that he does not miss out on any opportunity.

In conclusion to that learning Forex trading is not a difficult thing. All an individual needs to do is observe different strategies and have the knowledge to apply them according to different situations. Oanda Broker is the most optimal broker for all the experienced traders as well as proffessionals. The advantage of working with Oanda Broker is that one can receive additional payments from the Traders Union every month while all of the other functions on the certain chosen trading platform can remain the same.