Who Can Sue For Product Liability?

Who Can Sue For Product Liability?


Product liability lawsuits are put in place when a product is defective. This can occur when a company or manufacturer makes a product and then sells it to customers, and it causes an injury. The person who has been injured can then sue the company for compensation. It can be confusing when understanding who can sue for product liability, but the company that made the defective product is liable for the damage that they caused you.

Types Of Claims

Product liability claims generally fall under these four categories though there are more.

  • If the company fails to warn the customers properly
  • If the marketing is defective
  • If the design is defective
  • If there is a manufacturing defect

If the issue is a design defect, that means when they made the product; the risk outweighs the benefits. The product will likely fail and cause injuries to the user.  A failure to warn customers means that there are risks to a product that the company withholds from the people purchasing the products. Failures of this type have resulted in consumers dying and having extreme injuries. The last type of issue is what’s known as a manufacturing defect. This occurs when the company has inferior quality materials and shoddy work.

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Why You Should Sue

When you are suing a company for injuring you, the first thing that will happen is determining what sort of claim you have, the injuries you obtained, and how to proceed. It’s essential to stand up and file a claim because the companies need to take care of you. Injuries like burns, diseases, and memory loss or concussion can all occur due to a company not paying attention.

You can fight back and ensure that you get the medical help you need by filing a claim and trusting a skilled lawyer to come through for you. Knowing your rights and getting what you deserve should be a top priority in this situation.

Choose The Number One 

To ensure that you get the help you need, find someone that can support you through this challenging time and get you the medical help you need. With the experience and success you deserve, you can choose to choose the number one lawyer around. Most will offer a free consultation and review your case so that you can understand what you will be dealing with and what to expect. Their main goal is to help you gain a voice and fight back.