What to Do After a Dog Attack


Being attacked by a dog can be a traumatic experience. It can cause injuries and mental trauma that require specialized treatment. It’s important not to panic when you have been the victim of an animal attack, and stay calm so that you can get the right treatment quickly.

The most important action that you should take after a dog attack is to seek medical attention. While you could clean up your wound yourself, it’s best to let a professional deal with your injuries.

After you have sought medical attention, it’s important that you protect your rights. A consultation with a respected attorney at the Law Offices of Kamela James will give you the advice you need about a possible injury case. Let’s take a closer look at the steps you should take after a dog attack.

Seek Medical Help

Bite wounds can be very serious and require specialized attention. Even the smallest wound can become seriously infected if it is not given the right treatment. Due to the bacteria found in the mouth of a dog, you are prone to more infections than a regular wound. Bacteria that can cause a staph infection are common in wounds sustained in dog attacks. Your wound should be properly cleaned by an expert and sewn with proper stitches if necessary.

Following your treatment, you will have to take extra care with your wound. It’s important to follow all of your doctor’s care instructions carefully. You will need to clean your wound regularly and change your bandaging to make sure that your wound stays healthy.

Report the Incident to Animal Control

In most counties, it is required by law that a dog bite incident be reported to the proper authorities. Most attacks can be reported to your county animal control department. After you make your report as soon as possible following your attack, the department will begin an investigation. They will want to confirm that the animal is registered and up to date on all of their vaccinations including their rabies shots. Following the investigation that will identify the legal owner, you can request a copy of the report for your records.

Collect Evidence

If you are planning on filing a personal injury case, you will need to start collecting evidence as soon as possible. Start by documenting your wound in photos. Include a copy of your medical report and an official copy of the investigation conclusion. You can try to track down any witnesses to the attack and ask them if they would be willing to submit a witness statement for your files.

Once you have collected your evidence, it’s time to talk to an attorney. An expert in injury law will be able to help you navigate the legal system and act as an advocate on your behalf. You can work towards getting compensation for your losses and injuries. The legal system is complex and can be difficult to understand without the right guidance. If you have been attacked and injured by a dog, it’s crucial that you speak to an attorney.

Dog attacks can be traumatic and confusing for victims. It’s important for your health and welfare that you follow these steps if you have been injured in a dog attack. Always seek medical attention as soon as possible, report the incident to the authorities, collect evidence, and talk to a lawyer.