What If My Accident Injuries Do Not Show Up Right Away?

What If My Accident Injuries Do Not Show Up Right Away?


Injuries like concussions, soft tissue injuries, and back do not show up immediately, and you might need help from the insurance company later on. Car accidents are very traumatic for the people involved. Many small, minor accidents may seem insignificant, but their injuries might appear later. In such cases, you must treat and monitor your treatments since you will have to get compensation for your injuries.

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1. Get Medical Attention Right After The Accident

You should immediately see a doctor after an accident if you feel even the tiniest bit of discomfort or pain in your body. Your doctor will inform you if you might sustain any severe injuries after the accident and ask you to monitor specific symptoms for potential injuries you might face.

When you make such a claim after the accident, you must seek medical help within a limited amount of time. If you wait too long, the insurance company might argue that you have not faced the mentioned injury in the accident that their client was responsible for.

2. You Should Not Settle Right Away

After you get injured in an accident, the responsible driver’s company may ask you to sign a release of claims that you might make. The insurance provider may even try and entice you with an amount of money to convince you to sign the release documents.

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It is essential that you wait until you have been thoroughly checked by a medical professional before signing any release papers. You are also advised to wait until you see all the injuries out in the open that you might have suffered due to the accident. Your doctor will help you with how long you will be required to wait for that.

If at all, you sign a release paper, and you are to see an injury caused due to the accident later, you will not be able to ask the insurance company for reimbursement for the medical expenses. Signing the release form gives you the right to file a motion for compensation for your medical treatment.

What Happens If Your Injuries Return After You Have Settled?

It may be possible that your injuries return after you have already settled your legal claims, even after taking all the necessary precautions. Most cases will not allow you to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver for any additional compensation. You could still talk to your legal advisor to find any arguments they could make, like claiming that the agreement or the legal release was obtained illegally, or they might sue another party not involved in the first settlement.