What Are Notary Public services in Toronto?

What Are Notary Public services in Toronto?


Legal documents can be easily defrauded, and the only way to stop them is to register them legally. Signature witnessing is one of the most important services provided by notary publics. They are legal agents serving their community to prevent any possible fraudulent activities. In other words, when a document is being signed between two parties, a third party is needed to make that legal, and this third party should be a legal official. This is called a notary public. Today, a professional providing affordable notary public service in Toronto helps us get the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions in this regard. Continue reading.

Who Is a Notary Public? 

As mentioned earlier, notary publics are legal and official professionals who can confirm your identities and the legal documents you need for any business. It is undeniable that as a business owner, one of the most challenging parts you face is the part of the paperwork. In this part, these professionals will pave the pathway for you.

Can They Provide Legal Advice? 

There are two types: common-law ones and civil-law ones. The first ones are known as public notaries, and they are not allowed to provide any legal advice. Actually, it is not their duty, and the government does not qualify them to provide such a legal service. They should just make sure that there is no problem or doubt about your identity. But the civil law ones can provide legal services and are professionally trained to do this.

What If The Notary Public Do Not Confirm Your Identity?

They should observe and confirm that the person whose identity is approved is the person who signed the document. Besides, they are the ones who confirm that no signature is done by pressure and the person does it by his will. Keep in mind that if there is any problem with your identity, the notary public may state that the signature is not valid. As a result, he will not sign your document as the third party and will not stamp it. This kind of document will be known as an illegal document. But when the notary public makes sure that your signature and identity are right, he seals and signs the document himself.


Shall I Get The Document To The Notary Public’s Office?

No, it is not needed. You can send the document to the notary public’s office. But if your signature is needed, you should be present in the office. No online scanned or copied signature will be accepted. Since, as mentioned in the last paragraph, the notary public should confirm that no one made you sign the document due to any reason, or there is no hesitation about its being defrauded.

What Is Oath Commissioning?

As the name replies, oath commissioning means any services related to receiving and taking affirmations, affidavits, and declarations. It is essential to know that the cost you should pay for a document notarization and oath commissioning is not the same.