Trucking Accident Lawyer – How to Choose One

Trucking Accident Lawyer – How to Choose One


Most car accidents involve cars. In fact, most truck accidents are caused by cars. However, force equals mass times acceleration, and the truck is always larger and more powerful than the car. This means that anyone in a car hit by a truck is liable to suffer serious injuries. This is why truck accidents account for around eighty percent of fatalities and serious injuries. These cases tend to be more complex than traditional car accidents, too. That is why you must hire a good trucking accident lawyer. Here’s how to choose one.

Create a List of Local Personal Injury Attorneys

This is probably the simplest step on your to-do list. We recommend looking for local personal injury attorneys, because they’re most familiar with the local courts. They’re also going to know the best repair shops and doctors to use. And it is that much easier to visit their office, if they’re nearby.

Look for Experience in Trucking Accidents

Personal injury law includes everything from slip and fall cases to dog bites to car accidents. Many attorneys specialize in a few niches. Developing the relevant expertise increases the odds they win these types of cases. Cultivating a network of relevant expert witnesses helps, too. That is why you should look for a truck accident lawyer if you or a loved one has been in a truck accident.

If the attorney’s website doesn’t state that they take trucking cases, take them off your list. If you call them to discuss your case and they won’t take it, then they’re no longer an option. If they’re willing to consult with you, begin creating your list of questions. For example, you want to know how many trucking accident cases they take per year. An attorney who lists trucking accidents on their website but can’t say how many they’ve handled in the past year isn’t going to have the necessary expertise to win. If they say they regularly take such cases, you’ll want to ask about their success rate. How many cases do they win when it goes to court? How many cases do they settle and for how much?

Determine If You’re a Match

Trucking accidents are much more likely to land someone in the hospital or even kill them. This means you’re probably dealing with a difficult situation. That makes it essential to feel like the attorney understands your situation and will be there for you through this challenging time. They’re going to work with you as you total up the medical bills and estimate how much money it takes to pay for someone’s long-term care. You have to get your car repaired or get it totaled and file a claim for the replacement value of your car. You need to be able to discuss problems ranging from surprise bills from medical specialists and delays in getting your car repair with your attorney. That’s why should choose an attorney that you have rapport with and strike those who rub you the wrong way off your list.

Pick the Right Attorney for Your Case

You should have narrowed down your list to several layers by this point. Now you need to pick one. Since your list now consists of qualified, caring attorneys, you can use criteria such as their billable rate or online ratings to determine which one you want to hire.