Hiring a Criminal

Top 7 Things to Consider When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Law

When you are faced with a criminal case, it is important that you hire the right lawyer. Your future depends on a good lawyer such as a criminal defense lawyer from Oshawa because poor handling can lead to life-changing decisions.

If you are charged with a criminal case, find a criminal lawyer immediately. A good lawyer will find ways to drop the charges or reduce the case through a good legal strategy. Not only that, the lawyer will make sure that your rights are protected at all times and no abuse is committed during the whole legal process. He/she will educate you of your legal rights to prevent any abuses.

What They Do

Criminal defense attorneys work to represent someone or a group that is accused of a crime. The attorney will review the case, making sure that authorities such as the police are following proper procedures, get expert witnesses on board, and provide solid representation for the client in court.

To find a good one, it is important to know how to find a competent one. Here are factors you should take into consideration:


A license should not be the only consideration when you are looking for someone to represent you in court. Extensive experience in working with criminal cases is essential because his expertise matters. His/her experience can make a big difference in how the case is presented and defended. They are familiar with the laws and its complexities thus able to fight for you better. Lawyers who handle civil cases will not have the same knowledge and skills as a criminal lawyer.


Cost is always a factor when you want to avail a service. In many cases, highly experienced lawyers often charge more and the amateur ones are way cheaper. However, it is important to note that an experienced criminal lawyer is way more efficient in handling these cases than the amateurs. This is because their years of experience have given them better insights and judgment in handling cases.


Another way to check for an attorney’s credibility is his find out about his reputation. There are attorneys with a reputation for handling difficult cases which you might need. Looking at their reputation and track record can help you decide if he/she is the one you need. You will also understand why these lawyers with such reputations charge the way they do.


Not all lawyers are the same. Each has its own specialization and expertise. Make sure to find someone who is an expert in criminal defense. Furthermore, there are lawyers who specialize in domestic violence, theft, violent crimes, cybercrime, etc.


You and the lawyer you choose need to work together thus it is important that both of you are comfortable working with each other. Before you decide, do you find a lawyer who is easy to talk with? Can the lawyer understand what you are trying to say? Lastly, do you feel he/she is someone who sincerely wants to help? If the answer is yes, then this is an indicator that both of you can work together.


Nowadays, you can almost check everything online and this includes reviews. Check what other clients have to say about his work and ethics. This will give you an overall idea of how he is with his clients. Be cautious though because reviews online can be manipulated. Do not let reviews be the main determinant when looking for a lawyer, always look for other factors before you decide.


Some local courthouses have different laws and procedures regarding criminal cases and hiring local lawyers can be an advantage. It can help save a lot of resources when your lawyer is familiar with these procedures and processes. For example, some might have a plea bargain policy while another locality may not have. Always opt for local attorneys to give yourself an advantage.

Why You Need to Hire

Your attorney will represent you throughout the legal process. This is important because they will help protect you from abuse and mistrial. Your lawyer can help you get the best deal out of the situation through acquittal or plea bargain. They will also help you come up with decisions by giving you legal advice and answer any questions you have about the law. This information is life-altering and your attorney is there to guide and assist you.

There are many ways to start looking for a criminal defense lawyer and you can start by asking around your circle. You can also look at your local bar association directory to have a list of potential attorneys. Once you find the right attorney, you will work together to get the best result in court. A good attorney will work to protect his client and ensure your rights are being observed throughout the legal process.