The Best Automated Trading Platforms

The Best Automated Trading Platforms


Traders are increasingly interested in new technologies by using automated trading platforms to ensure more gain in financial market investment. These are often programs such as Expert Advisors, trading algorithms, and stock alerts. Discover automated trading platforms that will enable you to make a successful investment in trading.

Automated Trading: Automated Trading Platforms


On the market today, Meta Trader is the most well-known automated trading platform. Many online brokers use it to make their brokerage services successful. Through this software, you can easily succeed in creating Expert Advisors via a script called Meta Editor.


ProRealTime is today an automated trading platform ranked among the best available on the market. This software is based on technical analysis with a large number of indicators that you can use as a trader.

On this same platform, you have the possibility of creating algorithms to carry out your auto trading activity. ProRealTime is a reference for safe automated trading because of its important modules: ProRealTrend, ProBacktest, ProScreener, and ProOrder.

It’s a very intuitive interface that is easy and simple to use. For this, you can therefore close positions and open them as easily as possible.

Biti Codes Pro

Biti Codes Pro is a recently launched Bitcoin automated trading bot that rivals the best apps of this kind on the market. Using this bot, the trader has access to free bitcoin rewards. While your smartphone is connected, the bot continuously claims these rewards for you. You can also claim free doge coins on Biti Codes Pro.


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TradingView is an analytical platform widely used in automated trading. It guarantees several trading indicators for auto trading. Its ergonomic and very intuitive interface makes it easy to use for beginners and experienced traders. Due to its effectiveness, several brokers have integrated it into their brokerage systems.

In addition, TradingView allows its social network the increase its experiences to benefit from more remuneration. Whether you are forex, CFD, commodity, cryptocurrency, or stock market index trader, you can use this platform.


ZuluTrade is an automated and social trading platform. It helps traders copy the strategies of the best investors in the financial market. This platform has an automated function called “The Automator” which alerts the account user in real-time by email when an event takes place on the market.

Dupli Trade

Duplitrade is an automated trading platform compatible with five brokers using different market trading strategies. This auto trading provider works with regulated companies such as AvaTrade, IC Markets, etc. Its mission is to provide quality automated trading to investors.

We hope this short overview will help you select your automated trading platform according to your preferences.

These mentioned above are some of the most reliable ones. But doing your own research and comparing the platforms’ main features is always advisable. Before entering the market, get familiar with how these platforms work to make the most out of them. Also, no matter how low initial deposits might seem, it’s always better to test the platform in a demo mode. That way, you are absolutely sure to choose the most appropriate for your trading needs.