Take Action Against Elder Abuse with The Right Legal Help.

Take Action Against Elder Abuse with The Right Legal Help.


In today’s world, it’s easy for someone to hide in anonymity. However, when you live in a townhouse or apartment complex where everyone knows everyone else’s business, it becomes much harder for someone to stay under the radar and sneak unnoticed into a nursing home as a perpetrator.

However, thanks to the aging baby boomer population and the rise of nursing homes, as a result, these hidden predators are now coming out of the woodwork as they look to prey on unsuspecting and helpless individuals who have no one else looking out for them. West Palm Beach nursing home abuse lawyer can help you deal with the abuser on legal terms.

In today’s article, we will discuss what nursing home abuse is, its various types, and how to protect yourself from it. We will also talk about some of the ways you can take action against someone who is perpetrating it on you.

Don’t Suffer In Silence.

According to a study by the National Council on Aging, one in ten Americans aged 60 and older has been the victim of elder abuse. But unfortunately, this problem often gets hidden because the victims are afraid to speak up or don’t even realize what’s happening.

There are many signs of nursing home abuse, both physical and emotional. If you notice any bruises or other injuries that can’t get explained, sudden weight loss, changes in behavior, or fearfulness around certain staff members, it’s important to speak up.

Don’t suffer in silence if you get abused in a nursing home. Talk to a trusted friend or family member, and call the police if necessary. With help, you can get out of an abusive situation and get the justice you deserve.

Different Signs Of Abuse

There are two types of elder abuse.

Physical Abuse

You can check physical abuse by the following observation.

  • Is there bruising around your body?
  • Does your skin feel rough and uneven?
  • Do bruises appear on your arms, legs, or other areas that would be hard to explain away?

Mental/Emotional Abuse

These are the indications of mental abuse.

  • Does the caregiver embarrass you in public?
  • Do they refuse to provide comfort during an illness such as cancer or dementia?
  • Are they making fun of your age or physical condition?
  • Do they ignore your basic needs such as food, water, and rest?

Know Your Rights

In West Palm Beach, Nursing homes are not allowed to mistreat the residents. They get required by law to provide a safe and healthy environment. However, with the lack of oversight and little chance of getting caught, many perpetrators carry out their crimes without fear of repercussions. Knowing your rights in the nursing home will be important as you age.

Therefore, when you enter a nursing home, you relinquish certain rights that were once yours but now belong to the facility. It includes your freedom from sexual assault or abuse. Although it is difficult to trace someone who has committed abuse, there are ways to ensure that your safety gets not jeopardized in a nursing home. You can contact a West Palm Beach nursing home abuse lawyer for help.

Speak Up Against Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is the act of physically, psychologically, or sexually abusing an individual living in a nursing facility. The instances of this are huge across the country. While it can happen to anyone in any type of facility, regardless of age or disability, there have been some particularly common types that we will be discussing today.

First up is physical abuse. It includes slapping, kicking, and punching a resident, forcibly restraining them, using physical restraints, and using objects as weapons. Emotional abuse is next on the list and involves insults, humiliation, intimidation, and threats. Finally, psychological abuse includes withholding needed medical care and intentional neglect on behalf of the staff member caring for them.

Additionally, we will discuss the final form of abuse, sexual harassment, and assault, often within intimate care spaces like bathrooms, showers, or bedrooms. If you experience any of these types of nursing home abuse, you must speak up about it to your loved ones so that they can take legal action if necessary.

You Are Not Alone

Nursing homes are an age-sensitive industry and have become the target of abuse because they offer a private place for perpetrators to prey on their victims. Plus, if you’re elderly, you’re less likely to report the abuse in these places.

But don’t worry. You are not alone. Countless people get abused while living in nursing homes. Unfortunately, some live on the same floor as their abuser and do not know what is happening until it is too late.

The first step in protecting yourself is to take care of your mental health. Next, you need to know what happens when you’re at home and working. Then, if something doesn’t seem right, get up from your chair, walk over to a window or out into the hall, and pay attention to your surroundings.

If someone seems suspicious or unprovoked when they come toward you, don’t just stand still. It’s easy to feel like you can do nothing about it but believe me, there is.

Stand Up To Nursing Home Abuse.

One of the most common forms of nursing home abuse is financial exploitation. Unfortunately, there are many ways this can happen, some of which include:

  • The perpetrator tells you that they will help pay your bills and provide care in exchange for sex.
  • They convince you to sign over power of attorney so they can sell your assets before you die.
  • They take money from your debit card or bank account without permission.
  • They give you ‘fake’ prescriptions under their name for medication that gets not prescribed to you.

Many other forms of abuse can happen at a nursing home, but these are only a few examples from what we have seen personally. You should also look for neglectful practices like inadequate food and hygiene and lack of medical attention in worse homes than where they need to get placed.

When neglectful practices are present in a nursing home, someone who can step up and stand up for themselves must contact a lawyer. A West Palm Beach nursing home abuse lawyer can help you as soon as possible when you consult them because things will only get worse if nothing gets done!

Get The Help You Need

If you have been a victim of nursing home abuse, the first step is to get a lawyer. While it is difficult to recover from such abuse without the help of an attorney, your attorney can ensure that you receive fair compensation for your pain and suffering

Moreover, with proper legal representation, it will be easier for you to stand up against these predators and protect yourself in the future. A lawyer can also provide you with protection so that if someone tries again, they will face legal consequences for their actions. A lawyer can help by having them file criminal charges against the perpetrator for whatever crime they have committed.



Nursing homes are a place for people to get care in their elderly years, but unfortunately, there are many instances where such care gets not observed. As a result, it’s common for individuals to get abused at the nursing home they reside in and struggle with the lack of attention they receive from their caregivers.

However, many people turn to legal aid to take action against someone abusing them or their loved one. Still, the anonymity of living in a community setting often makes it difficult for them to find legal representation.

If you’re seeking a method to protect yourself from abuse, consider turning to a West Palm Beach nursing home lawyer specializing in abuse cases. They can protect you while also providing information on how to take action against those who perpetrate these crimes against you or your loved ones. There is no shame in getting help, legal or otherwise when you need it most.