Sujithes Bhakthan: A Tech Travel Eat Creator

Sujithes Bhakthan: A Tech Travel Eat Creator


Sujithes Bhakthan is a tech travel eat creator, blogger, and YouTuber. He is the founder of Tech Travel Eat, a website and social media platform where he shares his passion for // technology, travel, and food.

Bhakthan has been blogging since 2008, and he started his YouTube channel in 2016. He has over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, and his videos have been viewed over 10 million times.

Bhakthan’s content focuses on helping people make the most of their travels with technology. He shares tips on how to use gadgets and apps to plan and book trips, stay connected while traveling, and capture memories. He also reviews tech products and services, and he creates travel guides and vlogs.

In addition to his online presence, Bhakthan is also a regular speaker at tech and travel events. He has spoken at conferences such as CES, IFA, and Mobile World Congress. He has also been featured in publications such as Forbes, The Next Web, and Entrepreneur.

Bhakthan is a passionate advocate for using technology to make travel more enjoyable and accessible. He believes that technology can help people to explore new places, learn about different cultures, and connect with others around the world.

Here are some of the things that Bhakthan is known for:

  • His engaging and informative content on tech, travel, and food
  • His passion for helping people make the most of their travels with technology
  • His expertise in tech products and services
  • His ability to connect with audiences through his online presence and public speaking engagements

Bhakthan is a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in using technology to enhance their travel experiences. He is a role model for tech travel creators, and he is an inspiration to travelers everywhere.