Some Illegal Reasons for Firing an Employee- Know Your Rights

Some Illegal Reasons for Firing an Employee- Know Your Rights

Employment Law

Most employees work to grow in terms of money and designation. Getting fired is one of the major factors for an employee getting depressed and humiliated. If the employer has a valid reason to fire an employee, he can do so even by giving him warnings and alerts beforehand. Sometimes, the employer may fire the worker based on false allegations. It is important to understand when it is the right time to contact Lambertville employment lawyer for justice. Some of the invalid reasons for firing a worker are explained below:

Firing Based On Discrimination

If a person is asked to leave the company because he belongs to a certain group of people, community, or country, this will be considered an illegal reason to fire an employee. He can file a lawsuit against the employer and the court will judge if the reason is valid. Some other illegal reasons under this category may include medical conditions such as pregnancy, disability, scars on the face due to accidents, acid attacks, and others. The federal laws protect the rights of an employee and ensure that their jobs are safe.

Foreign Candidates

If a person has a permit to work within the country, the employer may not fire him because of his alien status. The benefits and rights provided by the government should be well-protected. If an employer tries to fire him, he can lose the case in court and may need to hire him back.

How to Legally Fire an Employee

Refusal To Perform Certain Illegal Acts

If an employee refuses to do something, which is unethical, the employer does not have a right to fire him. For instance, an employer may ask him to lie for insurance or medical claims. If the employee does not wish to lie, an employer cannot fire him and if he does so, the employee can file a lawsuit against him along with solid proof.

Not Fulfilling Sexual Demands

In case a female employee does not give her consent for sexual favors and the employer fires her, she can contact an attorney and bring it to the notice of the legal system. It will be considered sexual harassment and should be stopped in every office. Law is strict in these matters and the court will try to resolve such cases as quickly as possible.

If you feel that you are getting fired due to the above-mentioned reasons, you should immediately contact an employment lawyer before it is too late.