Slots Developers and their Role in the growth of the iGaming industry

Slots Developers and their Role in the growth of the iGaming industry


The iGaming business is not only one of the biggest leisure industries in the world but also one of the fastest-growing ones. Every facet of iGaming has been steadily growing since the 2000s. First, we observed the boom of poker. Then, online bingo gained traction, much to the public surprise as the game wasn’t as popular when it just got introduced. These days seem to be dominated by the slots industry, which exploded in 2015 and has been growing ever since – try Diamond Mine Slots.

Could slot developers be responsible for this boom? In this article, we take a look at the role that slot developers play in the overall growth of the iGaming industry.

Big Time Gaming and the Megaways

When the slots popularity boom of the past 6 years is mentioned, what comes to mind are the Aussie slot developers Big Time Gaming with their blockbuster technology called Megaways.

In 2015, they released the first-of-its-kind Megaways slot called Bonanza. This was a groundbreaking and unseen before format that offered an ever-changing amount of paylines as opposed to the fixed paylines of regular slots.

  • Megaways is played on 6 reels with an extra horizontal reel above reels 2-5. The number of symbols on each reel varies from 2 to 7. At its maximum potential (when every reel has 7 symbols), a Megaways slot offers 117649 active paylines! This can result in some gargantuan wins.

People were fast to fall in love with Megaways. Many slot developers soon developed their own Megaways games with the blessing of the Aussie slot pioneers.

Around the same time, online slots started taking off like never before. Casinos were bustling and business started reaching new heights.

  • Many people credit Megaways as the direct cause for this industry boom that started around 2015-2016.

Slots as the Popular Game of Chance

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There is no doubt that slot developers play a great role in the growth of the iGaming industry. Looking at the most recent data, slots account for nearly 70% of all the profits generated by remote gambling, which constitutes the iGaming industry.

The novelty surrounding slots is the range of new games that are being released. Every month, we get a handful of new slots that will become fan-favourites. Innovation is very important in new games, it is what keeps players excited and brings them back to play.

  • Slot developers positively impact the iGaming industry by being a breath of fresh air with their innovative slots.
  • New slots are well-advertised and have the biggest public following. Slot developers could be held responsible for creating this buzz in the iGaming industry.


Although the iGaming industry has a lot of departments and each one of them is popular, slot developers play the role of innovators in the iGaming industry. No other game or betting activity comes close to slots in terms of a wide selection and unique opportunities.

Slot developers are very important to the iGaming industry as they provide the products for a very demanding slots market. They do so regularly and without fail.

What new games will we see next month? Follow us to find out.