Red Flags Worth Noting When Hiring An Accident Attorney In Toledo

Red Flags Worth Noting When Hiring An Accident Attorney In Toledo


Hundreds of people get injured in on-road mishaps in Ohio. If you were injured in a car accident in Toledo, you need to take a few basic steps, of which hiring an attorney is an important one. Just because you are a victim doesn’t mean you will get a fair settlement. Claims adjusters do their best to deny claims or downplay the claimant’s losses. When hiring a Toledo car accident attorney, here are the red flags to watch for.

The Lawyer Doesn’t Respond

Did you have a hard time trying to contact the lawyer’s office? Did they call you back? Did you get an appointment on time? Did they respond to your emails? If a lawyer seems too busy or doesn’t have the attitude to take your case on priority, do not hire them. In Ohio, you have a two-year deadline to file a car accident lawsuit, and you need your lawyer to act immediately.

The Lawyer Promises A Successful Outcome

Many lawyers make inflated promises or assure an outcome, which is a wrong & unethical practice. No matter the experience of the attorney, there are things in an accident lawsuit that an attorney cannot control. They can do their work and expect a successful outcome. Also, if an attorney wants to inflate your injuries or claim more than what you should get, it is clearly a sign of their incompetency.

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The Lawyer Asks For A Fee

All accident lawyers in Ohio work on a contingency fee. This is the norm for most personal injury cases. If you win a settlement, your lawyer gets a percentage of that as per the initial discussion. If an attorney demands a fee to start working on your case, do not hire them. Even the initial assessment of the case should not cost you anything. The contingency fee can vary, but it shouldn’t go beyond 40% of the settlement.

The Lawyer Has Too Many Bad Reviews

You should ask the concerned lawyer for a few references, but it is also a good idea to check online reviews. Clients typically leave reviews on Google or other websites when they are on the extreme side of emotions. Too many bad reviews are certainly a red flag.

Get an attorney for your accident claim soon. You have to work immediately to ensure that your lawyer can use the time to gather evidence and prove your case.