Immigration law

Questions To Ask Your Immigration Lawyer In Canada


Looking for an immigration lawyer to file your application? Make sure you get in contact with the best lawyer so is aware of the process thoroughly. Here are a few questions which you can ask your immigration law firm in Canada before hiring. 


How many years of experience do you have? 


Many new lawyers in the market may not have relevant years of working experience in this field. You must get in contact with an immigration lawyer who has experience in dealing with these types of cases. This will help you to rely on the lawyer easily. Make sure you ask your, lawyer, whether he or she is a member of the investment immigration program. 


How will the firm help me?


The immigration law firm is about more than just filling out forms and writing letters. Find out how your lawyer and the firm plans work for you, and how you can help them. As there are certain papers to submit. Ask the firm what they will do after your form is filed. So that you will be prepared with the next procedure. Also, you will keep yourself ready.  


In which way you can help the immigration law firm? 


Take an active role in working with your attorney and the firm! Find out what are the documents they need from you and other things to be done. Make sure you help them properly wasting no time. This will help you in a better way ahead. Ask your law if you are having any doubts regarding the documentation or the paperwork. 

Immigration law


How much time does this process take?


Immigration may be a complex and difficult process. If you are not aware of the immigration and you are new to it. You must understand how much time does the process takes. So that you can plan your things accordingly in the future. 


What are the types of applications?


You and the immigration law firm have different sets of knowledge regarding the process. You understand your circumstances and issues better than anyone else. Hence you need to communicate the issues of the problem to your lawyer. Your lawyer is aware of the immigration law. This will help you to find the best way out for yourself. As there are various applications available the lawyer and the firm may suggest you the best one considering your points. 


Which is the perfect office to file?


You must apply to the correct immigration office. As you may not be aware of the correct office, may face may encounter delays, complications, or refusals of your application. Your immigration lawyer and the firm understands the law and can provide you proper help to sorts the things out easily.


What is our source of communication?


Communicating with your immigration lawyer or the law firm is a must. Make sure that you stay in touch with them via calls or emails. Also, ask your lawyer the best way to talk so that you can them and they can respond to you immediately. As they might be busy with other work asking them for a time frame will surely help you. 


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