Outdoor Fabrics

Outdoor Fabrics


Outdoor fabrics that carry the elegance of the interior areas are offered to us with Tepastex assurance.

Tepastex provides durability for a long time with outdoor fabrics. It produces products that are resistant to external factors for a long time by minimizing the stings caused by the sun. It is possible to say that it is one step ahead in terms of product quality compared to its competitors in the market.

Different color options are available. The products are resistant to UV rays. Suitable for long-term use. It prevents the growth of mold or bacteria. Outdoor Fabrics prepared with dense weaving are resistant to sunlight. It does not absorb rainwater. These fabrics, which do not have a delicate structure, are very easy to clean and maintain. Besides water repellency and oil repellency

Thanks to its impermeable structure, it provides fast drying. For this reason, it prevents the formation of mold. It offers the opportunity to use colors as the first day for many years.

We prefer Tepastex fabrics because of their water repellency, color protection feature, resistance to sunlight, anti-mold feature, breathability, fast drying and dirt-repellency. It is possible to say that the prices of the fabrics are suitable as well as the quality. The most important points in outdoor fabrics used in garden furniture fabric selection are comfort and hygiene.

In addition to these, it is possible to reach fabrics with colors and patterns that will appeal to the eye and harmonize with garden decorations with Tepastex. The desired fabric can be easily accessed with product pattern options and wide color options.

Tepastex is one of the companies we prefer due to its product quality, product options and affordable prices.