Online Casinos & Their Regulatory Bodies

Online Casinos & Their Regulatory Bodies


Do not go away! Now, we know that to all you avid bettors out there, who want to be simply cracking on when you play online casino, you might think that this is not the most interesting part of online betting. It may not be, however, it is incredibly important to your safety and online gaming fun because, without our casino regulators, you would be out of pocket, unsafe, and not having any fun whatsoever .

Online casino regulatory bodies basically manage and moderate the sites that you play on, meaning that they check that your trusted casino site is playing by the rules, not ripping off their customers, and are not breaking the rules to your detriment!

It becomes vital, for a big spender like yourself, to know who is regulating your site, and what that might mean for you and your hard-earned cash.

What are the Main Online Casino Regulatory Bodies?

Before you jump into your favourite online casino games, you need to know who is approving of the sites so that you can trust the backbone of your igaming career.

So, without further ado, we have set out for you a short guide on the best online casino regulatory bodies that you can trust so that you can jump back into your online poker and start doubling down on the pair of kings you have!

Top Safety Features Of An Online Casino. - The World Financial Review

  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority – Coming from a country so well renowned for its casinos, the GRA is one of the most prominent online regulation companies. With a history dating back to its inception in 2000, the GRA is most certainly a regulatory body that you should be looking out for.
  • Malta Gaming Authority – If you are beginning to see a trend here then you might be correct. The Malta Gaming Authority was among the first online casino regulatory bodies to cover igaming. If you do not feel safe on your site and check and it is the MGA regulating then fear not, because they have a reputation for standing up to the little guy!
  • Office for Gaming Supervision – As an offshoot of the Slovenian Ministry of finance, this regulatory body for online gaming is one of the most succinct in its approach. They have all the skills to stop terrorism and money laundering so we think that you will be alright in their hands.
  • Gambling Commission – With this UK-based body being formed from a change in the law in 2005 following the Gambling Act, you can be sure that you will not be mistreated if your site is being regulated by the GC.
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission – This is the second-largest UK-based gambling regulation body, and just like the first, your money and treatment will be safe with them!

These are simply a few of many regulatory bodies, and all of ours are situated in Europe, but any good casino site will have the information on who regulates them. So, check it out to keep you safe, and to keep you being the top dog!