MLM Recruiting System – 4 Step Process

MLM Recruiting System – 4 Step Process


Bringing on more people to your downline through an MLM recruiting system is a way to ensure that your business lasts longer than your last one night stand. Without prospecting, recruiting, and personal growth, you’re not going anywhere but growing stagnant (and stagnant starts to stink).

If you’ve never developed an MLM Recruiting System, don’t worry – it’s only a matter of following a Four Simple Steps.

Step One

Get real. Project the right beliefs about the business. If you have no passion about your business, or your “why” isn’t strong enough, however great your opportunity is, people will not be drawn to you. If you’re not pumped up and excited about the opportunity, why would people want any part of a business that doesn’t even fire up the person already in it? Live with PASSION! Passion and a clear understanding of why you are getting up each morning will be obvious to those around you.

Step Two

Set goals. Have your WHY ready at all times. This is what you need to draw from when completing your daily MLM Recruiting System. Step two is to write out a day by day goal sheet. NOT a to-do list. Use your goals as your driver, to work backwards and plan what specific actions you’re going to do every single day to support these goals. NEVER LEAVE THE SCENE OF SETTING A GOAL, WITHOUT TAKING ACTION.

Step Three

Listen. When you are presenting your business or speaking with prospects, you need to listen more than you speak. Know when to be quiet and even put your hand over your mouth if you have to. You might be nervous when you speak to new people and you might be eager about your business, but combining the two can make you sound like a chump.

Step Four

Be genuine. Don’t see any human as a dollar sign. Once you know someone wants to change their lives, be able to explain to them how this busines can help them do that. If you’ve been in the business a while, you should have examples you can show them. If not, be direct about that, and talk about your team and the success they have had. Or if you have had success in other areas of your life, don’t be shy!

People Join People.

So it may seem like my idea of an MLM Recruiting System is really not a system at all! It’s a way of being. A way of behaving. A way of life. If you are someone people are attracted to and project a life that people are intrigued about, be proud of that. If you need to work on yourself to generate more passion, then do it! Any MLM Recruiting System that doesn’t start with you as a person is no good.