How a Lawyer Can Help After Pleading Guilty

How a Lawyer Can Help After Pleading Guilty


When faced with a criminal conviction and the prospect of jail time, many people wonder if they need to hire an attorney. The answer is yes – but not just any lawyer. If you plead guilty, deal with an attorney specializing in criminal defense because this will be their primary focus. Criminal convictions can have serious long-term effects on one’s life, such as loss of employment or housing, so those who choose not to hire a Rochester criminal defense attorney, typically find themselves worse off than before. This blog post will discuss how hiring a qualified attorney can help after pleading guilty and what steps must be taken afterward.

Can Charges be dropped after you’ve pleaded guilty?

Pleading guilty means that you admit to the charge and take responsibility for it. In some cases, a prosecutor may drop or reduce charges if they do not have enough evidence against an individual after police complete their investigation. For example, prosecutors may be willing to reduce the charge or drop it altogether in drug possession cases where there is no hard evidence such as audio tapes from surveillance equipment or physical drugs seized when an individual was arrested.

This is why it’s so crucial that you hire an experienced lawyer who knows what they’re doing because your sentence can hinge on them having connections with certain attorneys and judges. If pleading guilty for a lesser crime isn’t possible, then taking the case to trial is the next best thing.
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What to Expect in Court?

Do you have to go before a judge or jury? Depending on which court your case will be heard, it may not even get to trial if both parties can reach an agreement beforehand. This can include probation instead of jail time so that one does not have a criminal conviction on their record.

If your case does go to trial, you’ll need a good criminal defense attorney who knows how to prepare and present evidence in court, such as witnesses and documentation such as police reports. If the defendant is found not guilty or charges are dropped, it’s important that they hire an experienced lawyer so that facts can be presented to the judge to get their charges reduced or expunged.

What Happens After You’ve Been Convicted?

A criminal conviction can have negative long-term effects on one’s life, such as loss of employment and housing opportunities, so it’s important that individuals take action after they’re convicted by hiring a qualified attorney who specializes in criminal defense. This could include a motion for a new trial if evidence wasn’t presented correctly. Alternateively, it could include an appeal to the court of conviction if they believe there was not enough proof against their client and/or important information that could have been used as evidence withheld from the prosecution.

These are just some examples of how hiring a qualified lawyer specializing in criminal defense can help after pleading guilty. If you’re looking for more information on how to better prepare yourself, contact a criminal defense attorney toda