Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser


Hand sanitiser has become indispensable for hand hygiene in these difficult days when we have troubled times in terms of health. We are in all the activities we do during the day, in crowded environments. We must comply with hygiene rules at many points such as school, business, shopping, hospital, shopping mall, market. Since it is not possible to ensure the hygiene of our hands with soap and water at any time, Touch Australia offers quick and practical solutions with hand sanitiser.

Thanks to the Touch Australia disinfectant, it is possible to destroy harmful microbes on the skin in a very short time. Among the product features, there is an option to use as a gel or spray. It can provide excellent protection with its disinfectant option that contains an average of 90 degrees alcohol. It creates ease of use whenever it is not possible to wash our hands. It is a very quick solution to eliminate germs, as it does not need extra rinsing or drying.

If we look at the environments we are in during the day, we spread germs to our hands and thus everywhere you touch, with the workplace, public transportation vehicles, the places we stop by and even the money we use while shopping. In these days when we are tested with our health as the whole world, our hand hygiene is very important for all of us.

Every time we cannot wash our hands, it provides an easy solution to destroy harmful microbes, first for ourselves and then for the health of those around us. Touch Australia hand sanitiser Your hands will stay moist all day long thanks to the moisturizing oils it contains. It has a formula that does not contain paraffin and colorant. Compared to other brands on the market, it has a good position in terms of quality and price.