Four Steps to Take Following a Dog Bite Injury

Four Steps to Take Following a Dog Bite Injury


Dogs are humans’ best friends. However, these best friends can turn into your enemies in no time. According to the statistics, dog bite injuries have risen rapidly throughout the country. If you get into a dog bite injury due to the owner’s negligence, you can legally take action against them by applying for a personal injury claim.

When you file a personal injury claim, make sure you contact a personal injury lawyer in LA to make sure you get successful compensation for your injuries and losses.

However, make sure you take the following steps after a dog bite injury.

1. Get Medical Assistance Right Away.

No matter how minor the injury may appear, you should seek medical assistance right away. Dog bites can pose a severe health risk, especially if the dog is not vaccinated. Therefore, see a doctor to ensure you do not catch a severe health complication. Furthermore, your doctor’s report will also ensure your injuries occurred due to the dog and serve as evidence.

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2. Take the Dog Owner’s Information.

If possible, make sure you speak to the owner of the dog and take all their personal information, including their name, address, dog’s information, vaccination proof, and more. This information will help you when filing a personal injury claim.

3. Collect and Preserve Evidence.

Evidence plays a vital role in supporting your claim and ensuring you get maximum compensation for your injuries. Without evidence, it will be challenging to prove that you incurred injuries due to the dog. Therefore, make sure you collect evidence. This may include pictures of your injuries, your doctor’s report, ripped or stained clothes, and other evidence to support your claim. Furthermore, if there were witnesses during the incident, ensure to collect their information so that their statements can be recorded and used to prove your injuries.

4. Contact a Lawyer.

Personal injury cases can be complex, especially dog bites. It can be difficult to prove that the owner was negligent in taking care of their dog when the accident happened. Therefore, talk to a personal injury lawyer as soon as you get into a dog bite accident. When searching for a lawyer, make sure they have experience in handling cases similar to yours. Carefully choose an experienced personal injury lawyer in LA. A lawyer can help you gather evidence and present your claim for successful compensation. Moreover, the lawyer will also work with other experts to ensure you do not lose your compensation.