Dinner Shirt

Dinner Shirt


Among the categories of Makrom, men’s shirts, there are many options such as formal dinner shirts, special occasion shirts, party shirts, and office shirts. You can also play sports combinations with Oxford, plain, dobby, plaid, or checkered shirts with your slim fit cut choices.

There are also many options for those who want their shirt to be narrower than their feet. Makrom follows the fashion closely and offers unique designs. It is possible to find a variety of color patterns under the dinner shirts category, which you can choose at your meetings or business meals. Shirt is one of the most important clothes for men in every moment of life. With your dinner shirts choices, you can achieve comfort, quality, and elegance at the same time.

Although the name of the choice of clothes is the same as the shirt, it is possible to find thousands of different types of shirts in terms of color, pattern, fabric, posture, model, collar, length, sleeve, and fineness. Makrom shirts, the address of those who prefer normal cuts, has a long-lasting use. It does not require dry cleaning. It is machine washable. It is easy to iron. No wrinkle problem. Collar structures are very high quality. It is resistant to aging, wear and tear.

Different fabric options are available. It can supply at affordable prices. Wherever you are in the world, you can order to any address you want. If you want, you can pay by EFT / money order or by credit card. Orders are delivered in a very short time. From the moment you make your purchase, you can monitor the order instantly. Compliance with the specified delivery date is ensured. Information is provided via SMS. It provides a chance to return if you do not like it.