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Business Reality – 7 Top Ways to See If Your Dream Business is Right For You


Do you long to start your own entrepreneurial business? This could be an internet based business which is usually a home based business, or a business that has a physical location. You might even have an idea of the type of business you want to start. Even if you do, think your idea all the way through first. Here’s a good tip; if you’re working now, start finding out all about your business before you quit your job.

Here are seven ideas of actions you can take to help you know if you really want to start the business you think about or not. Each these steps offer some real action ideas that let you “try out” the business before starting it.

1. Start by studying everything you can about the business you want to own. Read about it in business magazines each month, visit as many similar sites, either online or off, that you can. This is a good idea because the places you visit online or off line will be updated with ideas on new technology and ways to market for your potential new business. Go to the nearest library or book store and take time to read and make notes about the business you want to run.

2. Write your short business plan. Start with a short, 5 to 10 page business plan for their business. Talk about a business and put the concept of the idea on paper. When you actually start to see the figures for your business, you will begin to get a sense of reality of how much it will take to financially start and run a business. You don’t have to do a lot of writing; just get the main ideas down so you have a plan to move in as you get started. You can grow this plan later if you decide to push ahead.

3. Get real life experience. This is the big step. If you really want to get an idea of how your dream business operates, see if you can get real life experience at the business of you dream in your spare time or on your day off. Two ways to do this are:

  • Get part-time work at a similar business on your day off if you’re working or just for a few hours if you’re not
  • Go through a temporary job agency to try several types of businesses or jobs like the business you want to start

4. Be a volunteer to get a feel for a business operation. If you don’t have time to actually work in a business, volunteer to help out at the business or with an event given by the business to see what it involves from start to finish. You might even try to join a board of directors and really get involved in the whole business process. 

5. If you have a very creative idea of a business or service that does not yet exist, find something as close as possible to your idea to study. Find something similar and maybe look into multiple types of ideas to get a real feel for what you want to develop. This will also give the reality check that starting a brand new concept can be very time consuming and often frustrating if there is a lack of real information on a new idea. Do this while the idea is still a sweet dream for you so you will go into it with the best intentions possible.

6. Do research if needed for new concepts. Look for new business trends. Now that there’s an economic downturn going on, consumers will have new wants and needs in the marketplace. Study if what you want to do represents a new trend of not. Look into trends such as alternative energy, solar energy, or green products and services.

7. Write about your new ideas without giving away your real concept. If you are looking at a new trend, start doing some research and put together an initial information product. You can use this as a hand out when you go to networking meetings to see if people are interested in the idea. Create an information product for the Internet and see if people download it. Being one of the first to get published on a new topic helps to make you the expert in the field and gives you a better chance of succeeding in a new area once you start a new business.