Are Men Allowed To Have A Parental Leave


Although in many countries around the world there is a possibility that fathers use part of the maternity leave up to a year old child, only about two percent of the fathers can use it. In most cases, mothers are those who take up most of their care of children and family.
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Parental leave is not just for moms

How important it is for a father to be involved in caring for a child from the very beginning,? Sometimes they have a better relationship with a child than their mother.

There is a moment when a child simply” falls in love “with a dad, and then something that is going to mark a child is happening, and at this point, the most sense is felt. When this happens, the child no longer needs so much mom, and if the omission leaves traces on the child.

Involvement of fathers in childbirth has multiple benefits for both the child and the mother and father.

Mothers are more stressed and are more reluctant to meet parenting requirements, and they often lack partner support because fathers are considered less competent.

But there is evidence of the desire of fathers that half of their fathers said they would like to have more free time they could dedicate to a child. Also, men want to better match the time that takes them away from work and the time they can devote to parenthood.

Fulfillment of parental roles for men is further complicated and still an opinion that motherhood is a female role and that child rearing should only be done by women.

But it is not enough just to change the attitude and thinking of men toward parenthood and parental leave, if they do not have support for their choices at work and in society.

However, although more than 80 percent of the men surveyed supported fathers’ for parental leave, the study also revealed that such a move has many negative consequences for a man.

First of all, the respondents emphasized financial insignificance, as men in principle still earn more than women, and during parental leave, the benefits received are very low. In addition to the financial side, men also face very negative environmental reactions. 56% of them expect a negative reaction from the employer if they wish to go on a parental leave. In addition, they worry about criticism or joking colleagues at work and superiority, but also criticism within their own family.

It is interesting that both men and women often face a career stoppage if they opt for parental leave, and men also worry about possible job degradation.

Nonetheless, more than 70 percent of women want their partner to use parental leave, and more than half of them talk about it and talk to him.

From the conviction that a woman should look after the house and the children, and the man is the one who has to earn and support them, to the fact that women are less paid than men and that a man’s departure to parental leave would harm the home budget.

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