Animated and Explainer Video Style

Animated and Explainer Video Style


Always choose the right one Choosing the right style for your video production, from a live event to a live broadcast, means thinking about the type of video you’re creating and your goals. It’s very likely that your business creates a lot of different types of videos. But what about the different styles of your video content? Certain styles tend to pair better with certain video types than others. Don’t be afraid to experiment you don’t know for sure what will work for your audience until you try.

Animated Video Styles

Often used for explainer videos and brand stories, animation can be an incredibly engaging video style. Sometimes as fun as your favourite Saturday morning cartoons from your childhood and other times as practical as concept illustrations, there are many different styles of video animation, including:

  • 2D animation videos
  • 3D animation videos
  • Videos with motion graphics
  • Animated typography videos
  • Stop-motion animation videos
  • Animated videos on the board

Explainer Videos

Custom Art

We don’t work on art templates, so we work to create customized characters that are as per customer requirements. Each of the custom artworks is created to give your explainer video a professional look. We can make a tutorial video as well according to the customer’s needs.

Budget Video

We try not to burden our clients’ pockets and that is why our prices are so affordable. We value your money and your brand equally and make sure we create an explainer video that’s budget-friendly and worth your money.

Good at Meeting Deadlines

We are good at meeting deadlines. Completing the work on time is a priority for us. We deliver videos as fast as we can but yes if you give us deadlines we don’t panic because we like to handle pressure.

Item Voice Through Artists

10 Best Explainer Video Styles for Your Business + Bonus | GraphicMama

We have a group of versatile voice-over artists who offer a rich variety of styles. Whether you’re American, Australian or a native Brit, we’ve got you covered. You can choose between the ones that sync really well in explaining your brand story.

Script Writing that Writing Translates

We understand that a script is really important to deliver your brand message. We create scripts that tell your brand story and convert your visitors into customers. Our stories are so engaging that they can give you buyers instantly.

Unlimited Revision Warranty

We make unlimited revisions until you’re happy with your video. We send a preview video to clients so they can post their next post. Because we value your feedback, we want you to be as happy as possible with the video. If you are interested, contact us at