7 Of The Most Gorgeous Mosques On the planet

7 Of The Most Gorgeous Mosques On the planet


Might it be said that you are a heavenly individual? In the event that you will be, you undoubtedly be keen on being familiar with the most gorgeous mosques on the planet. They are right here:

Al Haram Mosque-Mecca, Saudi Arabia

It’s the most popular love mosque on the planet. As indicated by the Qur’an, it’s the principal house worked for humankind to revere Allah. It’s the world’s biggest mosque and encompasses Kaaba, the holiest spots for the Muslims. The ongoing http://newseurope.me/ design covers an area of 99 sections of land and incorporates both indoor and open air supplicating spaces. During the time of Hajj, it can oblige up to 4 million individuals.

Faisal mosque Islamabad-Pakistan

It’s the fourth biggest mosque on the planet and the greatest in the south-east and southern Asia. From 1986 to 1994, it was the greatest mosque on the planet before the finishing of the Hassan II in Morocco. For a long time, the love community has been casted a ballot as perhaps of the most gorgeous spot on the planet.

Sheik lotfallah-iran

It was built somewhere in the range of 1602 and 1619 during the rule of Shah Abbas I. As well as being a love community, it plays different parts. It likewise works as a clinic, illustrious mint, regal caravanserai, and shower.

Taj ul mosque-Bhopal, India

Situated in Bhopal, India, Taj ul mosque is otherwise called the crown of mosques. Highlighting a pink façade, the love place has two 18-story minarets with marble vaults. It likewise has a bulbous vault, marble ground surface, and stupendous lobby. There is likewise a twofold storeyed passage that has four recessed entrances. While its essential job is to act as a mosque, it likewise serves as an Islamic school during the day.

Wazir Khan-Lahore, Pakistan

It’s situated in the northern city of Lahore in Pakistan on quite possibly of the most active street nearby. The mosque has been remaining since the seventeenth hundred years and is quite possibly of the main milestone in the city. What compels the love place appealing is the varieties and artworks. Both inside and outside the mosque are fresco artworks and tiles. The works of art highlight a great many varieties like green, cerulean blue, yellow, purple, orange, and cobalt.

Blue mosque-Istanbul

It’s one of the milestones in Istanbul. It brags of six needle-like minarets and a progression of vaults and half arches. It was built during the rule of the Ottoman ruler Ahmed I somewhere in the range of 1609 and 1616. Notwithstanding the thrilling vaults, the mosque additionally has high roofs including 20,000 blue Iznik tiles. The tiles have trees and blossoms of contrasting examples.

Ubudiah-kuala Kangsar, Malaysia

It prides itself of four minarets and a brilliant vault that was planned by an English engineer, Arthur Benison Huback. Huback made the love place at the order of Ruler Idris Mushidul Azam Shah who had promised to develop a delightful mosque as a thanksgiving subsequent to recuperating from a disease.


These are the absolute most lovely mosques on the planet. In the occasion you are visiting a city with one of the previously mentioned mosques, make it a point to it and take in the dynamite magnificence.