3 Things to Do After a Car Accident

3 Things to Do After a Car Accident

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When an accident occurs, there are steps you take immediately after, then later. Here are the three most vital things to do after a car accident.

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1. Immediately After a Car Crash, Ensure You’re Safe  

Immediately after a car crash, ensure your safety and anyone or anything else you had in your vehicle. For instance, if you had kids, your partner, your parent, or a pet.

If it’s a fender bender, move your vehicle to a safe distance, where everyone can see. Don’t move anything in a fatal accident.

Consider calling your attorney like the ones at FlorinRoebig to help you document the scene. But contact the authorities. In some states, calling 911 is mandatory.

2. Call the Authorities and Document the Entire Process

Then call the authorities and take photos and videos of the scene. They include pictures of your injuries, car exterior and interior damages, and the location. They’ll go a long way to ensure that you recreate the scene.

Take the scene photos from different angles, giving them a sense of scale. Take pictures from different distances.

Document the scene and ask for a copy of the accident report. It will help your insurance adjuster assess your compensation. Should the other driver sue you, documentation of the accident will help you. If you could get some witnesses, that would also help.

Documenting the scene entails the position of the vehicles, the precise location where the cars crashed, the losses, and the potential hindrance to future gains. Then inquire what the other driver was doing to determine what caused the accident.

Please note that your emotions will spike. So avoid confrontations with the other driver and focus on helping casualties. Put in place warning signs to warn other drivers of the accident. Then call a tow truck and ensure it’s a safe one. The government officials should call one for you, but it’s best to have a towing car in mind.

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3. Contact Your Insurance Company and Make a Claim

The next step is to contact your insurance company. Don’t make any cash arrangements with the other driver because the damage from the accident may be more than you could see.

You should also see your doctor since you may not feel some injuries, like spinal injuries, which may be fatal if not detected early.

After securing yourself and your loved ones, use the documented car crash information to make an insurance claim.

The documented information includes car registration, insurance proof, name and contact of the insurance providers, and medical information (like allergies or other chronic conditions).  Also, collect the driver’s license and plate numbers, the color, type, and model of their vehicles, and the accident’s location.

Please don’t share anything beyond your contact and insurance information with the other driver because they might use it against you.

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